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Hornell Hall’s “Hall Crest” was created out of an open competition held in October and November of 1958.


The Author presented only with the code name "B.C.". The two golden dragons represent Chinese, while the pearl between them is the symbol of the unity of Hornellians. The lion represents Great Britain, and the word "H" refers to the Hall’s initial. The five colours used in the Hall Crest represent the five faculties of The University of Hong Kong during the time when the Hall Crest was designed.


The Latin caption "Artes Diversae In Uno Agmine" refers to "All Arts But One Goal" in English, meaning that Hornellians coming from different faculties can strive together to achieve via Hornellian brotherhood, which is similar to the Chinese 四海為一. Nowadays, the hall motto also includes the caption of the hall song, "It’s not with stone we build our hall, but with the united strength of all" (Chinese 堂非石建 眾志成城).


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