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With our gratitude towards Hornell Hall, we could get the opportunity of working as interns in one of the top-branding service apartments in Hong Kong. Oootopia is a great place with many challenges. Everything could happen when you are offering customer services as you will meet many residents with different cultural backgrounds. It was quite challenging to keep a positive attitude and be professional when we had to deal with some unreasonable complaints and requirements. It honed our communication and problem-solving skills during 3-month internship at Oootopia. The internship is also a great opportunity to have a glance at the hospitality industry, from the operation at the front office and preparation at the back office. we were excited when the manager told Jason and I that we were involved in contracts over HKD$500,000 and nearly sold out one of the apartments of Oootopia. This internship is rewarding and meaningful for us, allowing us jump out of our comfort zone and experiencing the business world.

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Internship Sharing

YE Pengchen Anthony & YIU Hei Chun Jason

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