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Hornell Hall is a hall filled with learning opportunities. Throughout the years, many remarkable professionals have graduated HKU as Hornellians, and as experienced seniors, they would sometimes like to offer help to the younger generation of Hornellians. Usually, Hornell Hall would organise career talks throughout the semesters for Hornellians to get a chance to know more about the field of work they would like to work in, and field trips may sometimes be held. Other than field trips, Hornell Hall would also refer Hornellians to some of the companies for an internship, and I am very grateful to be one of them. In this summer, I was referred to the Alliance Construction Materials Ltd. (Alliance), which is a concrete supplier in Hong Kong, to learn the operation of the supply of concrete in Hong Kong from the Alliance technical department. Despite the pandemic situation, Alliance is still willing to provide an opportunity for interns to learn from practical work. Being an intern in Alliance not only allows me to know the logistics of concrete making and delivery but also to gain hands on experience on checking the quality of concrete. This is an eye-opening experience for a civil engineering student like me since concrete suppliers are seldom mentioned during lectures. But of course, other than civil engineering, Hornell Hall also provides career guidances in other fields of work, make sure to join us and become a Hornellian!

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