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Academic & Organization Awards

Hornell Hall, founded on 24th September 1953, is the first male non-residential hall at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). At that time, our hall was just called "Men's Non-residential Hall". Following the memorial of the deceased vice-chancellor of HKU, Sir William Hornell, our hall was re-named “Hornell”. In 1958, the Chinese name, 康寧堂, and our hall logo were established based on a naming competition.


In the early years, our hall was located at the 1st floor of the Main Building, occupying a small space as a 100 square foot room. Regardless of size, our hall grew in members and activity, oftentimes receiving accolades and awards at different sporting events and functions. 

After the construction of the Union Building in 1961, our hall was relocated to the 3rd floor of the building and became neighbor to the Duchess of Kent Hall. In those years, our hall affairs were developed. The structure of our students' association became more precise. At that time, about one-fourth of the students at HKU were Hornellian.

In 1983, in order to strengthen the unity between our hallmates, we divided our hall into four houses - "愉, 和, 怡, 勝". Also, the formal positions of External Vice-Chairman and Past Representative were developed to facilitate better working efficiency. Under the new structure, we organised more activities, such as the Hornell Festival and Hornell Nite.

In 1986, our activity room moved to the Hsu Long Sing Amenities Centre. Because of the larger and better facilities, our membership continued to grow. In that growth, Hornell continued its tradition of remaining active in student life and social activism. 

In 1991, by the encouragement of our past Warden, Dr. C. L. Chan, our hall participated in drama performances. In the competition organised by the Urban Council, hall members received prizes for Best Overall performance, Best Scenario, Best Director and Best Actor.


Since 2008, Hornell Hall has been at the stage of transition. Apart from organizing a greater variety of activities for Hornellians, Hornell Hall Students' Association had decided to relocate Hornell Hall to todays' site, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre, to provide a better environment for Hornellians. In 2013, the hall introduced official “Study Tour Program”, providing educational opportunities and experiences to hallmates by visitations abroad, such as in Japan. With the formation of the Hornell Hall Alumni Association in 2013/2014, the alumni have introduced new programs for student involvement and enrichment, such as the Mentorship Program, Summer Internship Program, and Career Talks.

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